Staying current and on top of recording business transactions is critical to the success of any operation.

We work alongside small business entrepreneurs, supporting their business building efforts with the collecting of their financial data.

Capable and efficient bookkeeping ensure our client’s records are well maintained, cash flow is considered, taxes and reports are filed and paid on time and the ultimate goal; owner gets a better night sleep.

Not on an accounting platform yet? Need to get started? We help with that too. We also help move clients from a chaotic paper heavy office to a more fluid digitally stored environment where information is easier and quicker to access. The job is not finished until the paperwork is done!

Having Shanalisa as part of our team has been amazing.

Our growing Readymix company was having in house accounting issues and with Shanalisa’s on board she steered the ship in the right direction. She has been working with our team for over a year now and coaching our office staff, enabling Central Coast Concrete Inc the organizational skills and information to plan for future growth. Every company should have a Shanalisa.

Bill Stockwell, Owner, Central Coast Concrete



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