For many small businesses having an in-house controller is not cost efficient or feasible. Often these SME owner / managers are so intensely doing what they love and nurturing their operations, they need a trusted controller to compile the numbers.

We not only recap what has happened, but also direct what needs to take place (financially) for the company to achieve itโ€™s financial goals.

Financial management is not just technical, it is strategic!

We support businesses to build the right financial systems, accountabilities and data sets for strategic decision making related to greater efficiency, strategic growth, and higher accountability. A strategic lens is a necessity when considering new investments and expanded business lines and service offerings.

As our Controller, Shanalisa was instrumental in the set-up and start-up of our systems and processes

to ensure that daily, weekly, and monthly procedures aligned with all the business’s financial aspects. Shanalisa also provided excellent monthly reporting and feedback on our ‘numbers’, giving us what we needed to make informed decisions.

Mark VanEk, President/CEO, Venture Pacific Construction Management



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