One on One

Shanalisa is a Co-Active trained coach and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Blending these two designations she coaches women through their personal goals and assist in their small business financial learning and development.

Through budget building, discussing financial goals, understanding personal bias towards money – there are so many rich financial coaching dialogues to be had.

Shanalisa works in an individualized way with each client, based on their own unique needs and objectives.

Sometimes a coachee attends a workshop and be so committed to acting on their learning that they engage a one-on-one coaching relationship with Shanalisa to support execution. Through coaching, ideas turn into life skills. Sometimes details and personal questions are too private to bring up in a workshop; so Shanalisa includes one private coaching session for each workshop participant that can be scheduled after the workshop to follow up on what was learned.

Shanalisa has been instrumental in helping our companies get financially organized.

We have been working with Shanalisa for the past two years. We rely on her expertise for both our personal and corporate accounting needs. As our controller, Shanalisa takes the time to explain processes and trains bookkeeping staff to a level of efficiency that saves us money. She has been instrumental in helping our companies get financially organized by developing efficient systems and budgeting, taking our companies to the next level of growth. Shanalisa goes above and beyond the call of duty and is very generous with her time. Her friendly demeanour, passion, determination and personal service are some of the many reasons we continue to maintain Shanalisa, our controller for three of our companies. If you are looking for an excellent accountant who provides personable service in a comfortable, friendly manner, I would highly recommend Shanalisa for all of your accounting needs.

Gina Stockwell, Senior Vice President, Sothebyโ€™s



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