Shanalisa has a way of relating and presenting information to women that is not intimidating or threatening, which can so often be the case in corporate and financial settings.ย 

Shanalisa’s engaging and inclusive approach to these money matters, encourages people to be vulnerable and understand quickly that they are not alone.ย 

Her gentle guidance, extensive knowledge and years of experience give attendees a peace of mind and confidence that they can improve their financial literacy and skills.

Shanalisaโ€™s presentations provide a simple yet comprehensive understanding of what practices you need to adopt to become more financially independent in your own life. After hearing her speak, you will be assured that she knows her stuff and you can too!

Shanalisa is a gifted and committed leader .

She believes that investing in her own personal growth and learning better equips her to best serve her clients. She’s a woman of faith who lives out her commitment of loving and serving people well. She is experienced at leading and facilitating teams, and she possesses a gentle but direct approach to coaching. Uniquely gifted, compassionate, kind, people and positive outcome focused!

Kirk Wood, former pastor, SouthRidge Fellowship Church



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