Intro to Personal & Household Finances
with a Biblical Perspective for Women

How can ancient book like the Bible provide us with direction in today’s credit card / etransfer filled world of personal finances? When money and personal finances can be intimidating and seem like an ocean of actions you are supposed to take and concepts you are supposed to understand it’s imperative you put God first in your understanding of money.

In a world where there is so much information available it is challenging to know what is accurate and what is relevant for the

Canadian Christian female.

Increase your knowledge and understanding of personal finances in a safe, unintimidating, non judgmental environment. Get a handle on what the concepts of household finances and what it means to honour Jesus with your finances.


Who you are:

A woman who has a level of understanding of financial concepts, terms, and ideas that are just emerging.

Length of Course:

2 hours plus a 30 minute private coaching session after the workshop with The Canadian Finances Girl; Shanalisa

Next Course Dates

Online Zoom Course

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